Thanks to Everyone for the Great Grand Opening!

Well, it happened... we were able to blow the roof off of our space here thanks to everyone who showed up for the grand opening. We've heard several people say that it was one of the biggest they've seen in years! Whoo Hoo!
I suppose neither of us realized we would be giving a speech, so we were taken off guard. Wendy mentioned some thanks to a few, but we want to be sure to give the biggest thanks to the Chattanooga Opportunity Fund as they've helped us to fund this venture. Thanks to Elijah Cameron and Pete Palmer for all you've both done for us! Also, we'd like to thank Micah and Amber Kerby, Alice and Don Guider, and Linda and Scott Buckner for all the hard work before and during the reception. Jennifer Dortch and Mary-Beth Sanders also contributed to making this thing happen. So a big THANK YOU! goes out to you all. We are so blessed to have such helpful friends and family. Thanks also goes to Cameron Adams who snapped a great shot of the ribbon being cut and for sending/posting it so promptly to facebook.
We'll be gearing up for Valentine's Day and will soon have the online menu ready!
Thanks, Thanks, and more Thanks!