Hey, The Chattanooga Market! We're doing it!

We are selling cold/frozen stuff (and if weather permits - some truffles) at the Chattanooga Market that is located off Main and on Carter Street. Here's some directions. We have a white tent and have been selling frozen bananas (dipped in peanuts, sprinkles, or toasted coconut), dipped strawberry kabobs (3 on a skewer - also rolled in toppings of your choice) and frozen chocolate beverages! It's been so fun to see all the stuff offered by area merchants and to be a part of the scene. There's music, food, art, and chances to meet other Chattanoogans (what a concept!). Look for our sign/logo hanging on our white tent and drop by. We'll be there for you (just like that awful song on "Friends").
Oh, and the Strawberry Festival is this weekend (5/17)!