Events! Events! So many.

Well, we did the Bella Sera event on the north side of the Tennessee River. It started out so crazy (w/ Wendy getting a bit of the security guard's mace after he used it to deter a snake on its way to the sidewalk) and ended up crazier w/ people looking to us for wine (after they stopped serving) and getting a bit out of hand as a persistent few expected us to hand out lots of stuff for free (when it was a benefit for Chattanooga Endevors). All in all, we were able to explain a sampling of our flavors to a number of people who kept coming back for more. So, for a good cause; it was well worth it.
The other event was Champagne & Chocolates We donated some truffles (which were totally devoured and all gone by the time we came back to pick up our trays) and helped to raise some money for a good cause. We've had a few calls from this event as well!
The third event of the weekend was providing wedding favors for a couple of producers for one of the home makeover shows who were married here in Chattanooga. They were easy to work with and we wish them a long and happy marriage!
Finally, we capped off the weekend with the Chattanooga Market on Sunday before getting home and sacking out on the couch. We'll be at the market again this weekend and hope to see you all then!