3rd Annual "Chocolate Fling" at The Mill!

We participated again this year in "The Chocolate Fling" at The Mill to benefit The Epilepsy Foundation of Southeast Tennessee. This was our second year in a row to receive the award for "Most Creative Presentation." We have so many people ask of our chocolate sculpture, "Is all of that actually made of chocolate?" To which we answer, "Why, of course!" We love the look in peoples' eyes as they scan over the forms attempting to see how everything has been attached. Chocolate, when used for sculpture, is both the materials and the glue holding it all together.
We also presented the crowd with a creation called the "Sweet Milk Chocolate Ganache Tartlett" - which is a sort of deconstructed version of our truffle (bearing the same name) resting on dark chocolate in a tart shell. We even created a dark chocolate tuille to top each one with - after they were all covered with strings of white chocolate. Those who stuck around also got to sample our Hottie, Champagne, and Lemon Souffle truffles that we revealed after all the tartletts were gone.
We would like to thank all the Epilepsy Foundation workers and volunteers who make this event so easy to participate in each year.