Start of a new chapter

Until recently, we have mostly used our blog to update you periodically on events we are having at the shop...or to show you new products as we create them. We will continue doing this...along with much more. We'll be adding a lot more things on a personal level now...such as the trip we took last month to San Francisco. We have plans to do more traveling and will be purchasing new equipment to keep us busy creating lots of NEW products. We are working to "advance our career" and will let you know how and when things develop. The Hot Chocolatier is our business...and so far it has been SO much fun and A LOT of hard work. This business has become our lives as well. What we do at The Hot Chocolatier is a result of what we do or have done in our lives such as traveling, studying, eating, meeting people, etc. We will begin journaling more about how CHOCOLATE has become our lives and where it leads us. This will be a great chance for everyone to get to know us a little better and I think for us to get to know ourselves a little better too. Thank you for joining us on this journey and watching us grow as individuals and also as The Hot Chocolatier.
Your Chocolatiers, Wendy & Brandon Buckner