The Next Big Thing

We are getting ready for a new arrival at The Hot Chocolatier! We have been working super hard at the shop and found a machine to help our lives become a little easier! We will be driving to Birmingham, AL to pick up our new Chocolate Enrobing Machine!!! If you have never heard of this kind of equipment, think of this episode of "I Love Lucy".

This machine takes each piece through a "chocolate waterfall" via conveyor belt to be covered (enrobed) with chocolate. Then it takes each chocolate through a cooling tunnel to speed up the crystallization process which makes each piece "set up" or "dry" to be ready for packaging as it comes to the end of the belt. Sounds easy right? Wrong! It will take us a while to learn the machine because all machines have a mind of their own. It also takes highly skilled chocolatiers to understand the chocolate and maintain correct temperatures of the chocolate to assure that it will remain in perfect temper. Each piece will be inspected as it goes down the line and prior to packaging. This equipment will help us increase our production capabilities at least TEN TIMES!!! This will be an amazing addition to our shop! With increased production we will be able to hire helpers (finally!) and get this new business of ours going in the right direction!

This Chocolate Enrobing Machine will lead us to many more things. We are rapidly growing and extremely excited! We will keep everyone up to date with all of our developments! Then what?? You may ask?? We will have to move our shop! This will happen SOON so please stay tuned! ~Brandon & Wendy