So we finally have the machine!

We drove to Birmingham to pick up the new Enrobing machine!!! If you're headed to or from Birmingham in a U-Haul and know of another way to get there, take it. After securing the machine inside our rental truck, bumping into a few bright orange barrels, and following each other along a bumpy one-lane interstate road; we made it back to Chattanooga with everything intact.

We finally have it in the shop (after first fitting it snugly into the freight elevator)!

As soon as we got it in the shop, we quickly realized how much work it would be to clean it and get it up and running again! I also had to call the manufacturer and get a manual for it as well. So many more things to align and knobs to turn... Soooo... that is where we are. We are hoping to get it up and running in order to fulfill some of our Christmas chocolate orders! Can't wait to be able to use it!