Tis The Holiday Season! Oh, yes it Tis.

So, like you didn't already know, we are in the midst of the Holiday Season 'round these parts. We are working like mad to fill orders and haven't had a chance to stop and post about our progress towards setting up the enrober and moving to our new location. The primary reason we haven't posted anything is that we have been soooooooooooo busy. And according to everyone (except maybe Wendy while working into the wee hours at the shop), "busy" is a good thing.

In fact it is a very good thing.

We have been considering a few things: 1) people are searching us out for gifts even while our current location is in the beginning stages of demolition/renovation, 2) corporate gift purchases have increased two or three times since last year, 3) we have learned that several of our steady customers (using us as a locally made product in their own shops) have really been supportive and understanding during this busy season! Kudos to Chattz Coffee, The Terminal, and Umbra Essence for stocking our products this season!

So what to make of items 1, 2, and 3? Well for one, it's now proven that we have products that keeps people coming (even as the building we are currently in is not so inviting right now). Another thing we've been discussing around the shop is the importance of working with understanding vendors who stock our products. After we say, "Someone just wiped us out of our solid dark chocolate trees," it's great to hear "Whenever you make some more, bring them to us." It's much better to be working with people with this mentality over the usual, "if you can't meet our demands, then you're out of here." Businesses understanding and really working with each other is a win win for everyone.

The last and most important thing (not on the list above) that we've learned time and time again during this season is that we have incredible friends, family, friends' family, and countless other people who want to help us out so that we can fill orders and grow as a business. It's been incredible to have people offering up their own free time as they say, "I have a couple hours tomorrow if you need me." To know that people really want this to work for us has been the biggest blessing in all the chaos.

Thank you to all who have offered to help and have pitched in during this season! We also have to thank The Chattanooga Market for giving us a venue to grow our business each weekend! Without it, we wouldn't have half of our regular customers. We ended out with The Holiday Market stronger than we ever have. We also took part in a great event that popped up at the renovated firehall in St. Elmo! Whoa, that was really a testament to vendors pulling together under one roof and making it work. Thanks to Emerson Burch of Artisant Homes for offering us a space at this one!

Here's to everyone a Safe and Happy Holiday Season and New Year! Have some good Hot Chocolate with someone you care about!