New Pastry Case and Other Preparations...

Well, yesterday Wendy received a call from Bruce Bennett (of BML/JD Backlund Guitars) who was wondering if she had a use for a case that was about to be transported from a closed-up coffee shop to a storage unit in Cleveland... So, thanks to him, we are now the owners of a pastry case for our shop. Aside from our chocolate products, we will begin offering a few dessert items after we relocate to our new location (still in process). This is a big step for us as this was another crucial element to offering our customers items currently not available in Chattanooga.
We continue to be in the process of connecting all of the nuts and bolts on our enrobing machine to have it up and running in time for the Valentine's Day rush. We are getting close. Everything is in place on the machine, so as soon as we get confirmation about a few areas where parts interlock and have to be precise, we'll be good to go! We'd like to thank the folks again at CreateHere through which we were able to purchase the machine via a MakeWork grant.
We are also in the process of trying to plan our trip abroad to study/observe chocolate manufacturing/processes/vendors in Belgium and France. Stay tuned for future posts with regards to this exciting trip (also part of our MakeWork grant)!