New Shop on Main Street.

So, if you're familiar with the Wednesday Main Street Farmer's Market, then you probably know where this building is located. It's at the corner of Williams and Main (on Main between Market and Broad St.)
You're looking at an interior shot of the new chocolate kitchen. Wendy is inspecting the partial wall that separates our packaging area from the rest of the kitchen. The windows to the left look directly into the shop (so that customers can see us in the act of creating products).
This view is from Wendy's point of view in the previous photo, looking back to where I was standing in the door frame. If you notice the ceiling; it has been sealed with a clearcoat to allow those large wooden beams to show. It'll be a nice rustic touch against all the machinery.
This shot is the view from the customer entrance where the windows allow viewing right into the kitchen area. If you look closely, you'll see a sink in the background. We'll have our ovens, freezers, and other appliances along the back wall - so that we can bake without affecting the coolness of the chocolate kitchen. (This separation between hot and cold areas is super exciting as our current location hasn't allowed us the possibility to have two temperature zones running at the same time.) The front counter (with both our chocolate and pastry cases) will line up between the wall 'o' windows and the beam/pole that you see to the left. We'll have a small seating area just to the left as you enter this room. We're in the process of developing our color scheme/aesthetic into this area. If you imagine a dark brown where all the grey is and white where all the light grey is, then you can kinda get an idea of where the space is headed. The back wall of the chocolate kitchen may also change to a dark red (this is still speculative).
This view is from the back wall looking toward the shop's entrance. So from this angle, you can get a bit of a clearer idea of the window view into the kitchen area. This will be an area of baking, drink making, and packing of sold items from the cases. The door on the left is to the office (it was a walk-in vault at one point - how cool is that?) 
SO EXCITING! So just a little preview... Stay tuned for updates!
Thanks to the Lyndhurst Foundation, CreateHere/Makework, and The Chattanooga Opportunity Fund for helping make this move possible.