Progress. (Whew!)

It's been a busy past few weeks. We've been lucky to have Jennifer and Scott Guider, Jim Tate, and Ronnie Hodge on board to help prep for inspections. It's been a real push to get everything in place. We've been finding chairs, tables, bar stools, etc. to finish out our customer area. We're also adding a 20 quart mixer to our land of kitchen appliances/tools. This will definitely ramp up production. We also now have a working (and very clean thanks to Scott) convection oven for baking. If you visited our shop in the past, you probably saw it in the kitchen off in the distance - just waiting to be put to work. Once we have a few more inspections, we will be officially ready to get back to offering up the freshest and finest chocolate creations you can locally purchase. (We'll be adding some pastries to this.)
Keep Posted.

Here's a view of our chocolate kitchen where we decided to keep things aesthetically simple and sparse. This is the area where customers will be able to view the progress of chocolate creations through the windows on the left. From this view, you can see the enrober and our hand sink. To my left is another tempering pot just out of the camera's view.

Here's one view of our packing/packaging area where we can assemble gift assortments, corporate gifts, and gift baskets.
A couple shots of our pastry kitchen where we can bake and prepare ganache for truffles.

Here's another view where you can see the wrap-a-round wood treatment and our convection oven (to the right) finally connected to a proper power supply.