Why, Hi there!

busy, busy... I know it sounds like a broken record, but in fact, it's the truest statement about our current comings and goings. We finally cracked the doors on Saturday, peeked out, didn't see our shadow, and put a sign on the door, "Good. we are Open."
We are now blessed with a proper location. We have had friends and family come by to see what we've been working on. A shop of our very own. A place where we can concoct recipes in the name of The Hot Chocolatier. We have been experimenting with various pastry items, as we now have a split hot/cold kitchen. If you remember that restaurant chain back in the early '90s playing around w/ a hamburger with a split container, "hotside/coldside;" well, it's sorta like that. One room for chocolates and another for pastries and front-of-the-house duties. We're currently trying to fine tune hours in hopes of figuring out what this neighborhood offers as far as walk-in/drive up traffic. It's a good spot for picking up something good. It feels good. We're excited about what's to come.

So far, we've come up with a number of layered desserts that were impossible at our other location.

Here's some photos of some finished and some in progress.