Our 2nd Week Anniversary! Whoot. Whoot.

 This is like one of those things that people do in the early stages of a relationship; 1st week anniversary, then 2 weeks, then 6 weeks (or a month), then two-months, then a year, etc...etc...
So, yes, we're gonna act like someone in the beginning stages of a good relationship. We're planing on working at it for a good long while. We've had some amazing things happen within these first two weeks, but we've mostly been getting used to the space while adjusting our hours to find the Main St. "sweet spot" (yes, pun intended). So, if you keep up with facebook, you may have seen a shift in our hours and we may continue to adjust them until we settle into a frame of time that works for the location. We're adding things to our pastry case like you wouldn't believe. We sold out of our "Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Mousse Cake with Milk Chocolate Chantilly, Chocolate Cake, and Peanut Brittle" in two hours! We finally got the enrober running and are in the process of switching it over to milk chocolate so as to finish out our normal selection of truffles.
These past two weeks have been exhausting, fun, stressful, and exciting. We've had so many visitors who want to peek in to see what the space looks like. We've heard lots of "this is much better than your last location" - which is exactly what we were shooting for. If you haven't dropped in to experience the space, please do and keep us in mind for meeting up with friends and/or dropping in after dinner. Chances are you'll get to see someone in the process of making the latest creations while you experience the shop.