Happy New Year 2015!

We've had a brief respite from the craziness of the holiday season and have tried to gather our wits about us in preparation for Valentine's Day. The "V word" has only recently become acceptable to use around the shop. Until now, referencing the words "Valentine's Day" has been akin to the manner in which the frightened characters in Harry Potter movies referred to the evil character, Voldemort, as the being "who shall remained unnamed." I think we've come to terms with the fact that it is an event on the calendar that will be happening soon. We're beginning to accept it as a chocolate shop. We're already prepping and strategizing as best we know how. As you probably know by now, we have been working out of our newest location since June 2014. The move has brought with it much more foot traffic and much needed employees to help with the volume of production we're now experiencing. Being able to provide more employment opportunities to people living in the area has been a nice thing (as a co-owner) to think about this season. It has been a blessing to see the shop grow; and so through a trial-by-fire type of scenario, we realize there's several things around the shop in need of improvement. We have to remind ourselves mistakes are inevitable, and that we're only going to learn through our mistakes or hardships. We're not perfect and will never claim to be. We are still learning. 2014 was our first holiday experience in the new space at 1437 Market Street, and we'd like to thank each and every one of you who stopped in to shop local. If you dropped in and brought someone with you to show them the town and included us in your mini-tour of Chattanooga, then we especially thank you for taking pride in your city and our business. (I know several times, I heard people say that they wanted to show their folks some of Chattanooga's "hot spots.") Thank you for sharing us as one of your favorites! So as we watch 2014 turn into 2015, please remember to let those close to you know what they mean to you. Enjoy some of the small things a bit more. Try to turn the television off and put the smartphone down for a little while. Of course all of these things apply to myself as well, so I'm adding what my nutritionist told me: exercise, but make it fun so that you may actually do it. I've enjoyed 2014 because it has meant that I'm now into this business full-time and get to work with my lovely wife; but conversely, plenty of events happened in 2014 that I'd rather not have to think about. Wendy and I greatly miss those who are no longer with us. For this reason, alone, I hope that 2015 shows ol' 2014 a thing or two about a thing or two. We appreciate the fact that so many people continue to support us and want to say, from the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU! for keeping this idea of ours going. -Brandon Buckner
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