Collection: Gift Cards

Well, why don't you just look at that?
We offer both plastic and virtual gift cards!

If you prefer to gift someone with a physical Gift Card, we've got you covered! You can either purchase one of our Gift Cards in-store or choose to pick one up online and have us ship it in a USPS Priority Flat Rate small envelope to yourself or a lucky recipient. If you wish to purchase a Gift Card for an amount other than those listed online, you'll have to do so in-store or over the phone during business hours.

If you prefer to send a digital eGift Card through email, we can do that too! Just follow this link and enter the fields provided and the gift card will arrive in the recipient's email inbox either immediately or on whatever date you want them to receive it! These are also available in amounts ranging between $10 - $200.

Until future notice, cards are only redeemable at The Hot Chocolatier's store. We cannot transfer ownership of cards, exchange cards for cash, modify cards after purchase (except only to add value to an existing card), or offer discounts on cards. The Hot Chocolatier is not responsible for any lost or damaged card and cannot guarantee that value for any lost or damaged card can be retrieved.