Truffle Reminder for Valentine's Day

As Valentine's Day approaches and we stock up on all of our goodies, we like to remind everyone that our truffles are made with REAL CREAM & do not contain preservatives of any kind. That's why they taste as good as they do! They're fresh! It makes a real difference in taste when a product has been created in this manner. There's no weird chemicals in our products, just real ingredients. There's something plain wrong about a food product that claims to contain dairy products but does not spoil. Be very skeptical of this type of thing. If you're going to treat yourself to something tasty, then you want a flavorful experience instead of something waxy and preservative-laden. So please consume our truffles within 10 days of purchase. We'll be making more, so you can always drop back by or give us a call when you finish your last one in the box. Quick Reminder
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