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Tis the Season...

Put one of these in your face this holiday season and you'll be glad you did! Available by the slice or (with some notice) the whole cake: The Pumpkin Cheesecake and The Peppermint Mousse Cake with balls of vanilla cheesecake throughout!

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Two New Seasonal Truffles.

Well, we've been busy on facebook and have neglected the ol' blawg for some time. Here goes: two newbies to add to the truffles we've developed through the years.Milk Chocolate Ganache with Maple Pecan and Sweet Potato enrobed in Milk Chocolate and topped with a piece of candied pecan!   And the Chai Spice Truffle with Marsala Chai Tea ganache inside a Belgian white chocolate shell with milk chocolate strings.   These are only available while in production through the holiday season! So get 'em while they last!  

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Sculpture Work in the Kitchen

Sculptures generally start out with a sketch.   Well, we haven't produced many sculptures since we opened the shop, but we had a good excuse to put one together for the upcoming Champagne and Chocolates Fundraiser to benefit Little Miss Mag. Wendy and Laura are both working away at a couple components which, when combined, yield a completely edible organic sculptural piece (almost) too cool to eat. (The colored areas are all airbrushed with colored cocoa butter.) The sculpture appearing above (with the two roses) will be part of the festivities on the night of Friday, June 1st at the Chattanooga Theatre Centre.

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